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BY Dr. eva maria strobl

Are you interested in Botox treatment in Munich? And are you looking for medical expertise in Botox at an acceptable cost? Then Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is the doctor you can trust. In her medical practice, LIPS and SKIN Aesthetic Medicine, she treats her patients with Botox for a broad range of cosmetic goals.

Thanks to her years of experience, she provides patients with comprehensive advice on the prospects of success, risks and Botox costs.

She has a strong sense of aesthetics and attaches great importance to a sympathetic look. Therefore, she uses Botox with great care and always strives for natural-looking results.

Find out everything about Botox in Munich with Eva Maria Strobl below.

Competence in botulinum toxin treatments

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Botox treatment at LIPS and SKIN in Munich

The topics:

The most important facts in a nutshell

botox at a glance

Effect holds:4-6 months
Anesthesia:usually not necessary, if desired locally
Downtime:none, slight redness and hematoma possible
Botox prices:from approx. 290 €
The prices listed are indicative; individual costs are billed according to GOÄ.
Smoothing lines and wrinkles with botulinum toxin

botox AS wrinkle TReatment

Botox is the perfect remedy for mimic wrinkles. And most of the wrinkles on our face are of mimic origin. They occur because we laugh or concentrate, because we are attentive or angry.

Our facial muscles contract involuntarily again and again – and put the skin into wrinkles. The youthful skin does not mind. This is because it is elastic enough to always return to its original state. With age, however, wrinkles persist and become more and more visible.

Many people find this annoying – they can be helped with Botox treatment. And because Botox costs have dropped significantly over the years, the treatment is now affordable for everyone.

Botox only from the expert

Flatten wrinkles with Botox sounds simple. However, it is not. This is because optimal results require good anatomical knowledge and long experience in injecting Botox. Otherwise, mistakes happen quickly, such as too strong a dosage or weakening the wrong muscles. Especially in the face, the location of muscles is complicated. And the course of blood vessels and nerves even more so. Expert knowledge is therefore essential.

Feared for good reason: the “Botox face”

Because if a Botox injection is even just missed, there can be unpleasant consequences: a typical “Botox face”, also known as a “Botox fail”.

By this is meant paralysis of the wrong muscles, with visible impairment of facial expressions. An artificial and unsympathetic facial expression is the result. Moreover, the consequences sometimes even go beyond the aesthetics, causing difficulties in eating, drinking, swallowing or speaking.

Therefore, only place yourself in the hands of experts for Botox treatment. You will eventually have to live with the results for 4-6 months. This is because, unlike injections with hyaluronic acid, undesirable consequences of Botox treatment are not reversible in the short term.

Botox For dynamic Wrinkles

Since Botox relaxes muscles, it works well on wrinkles caused by constant muscular tension. Classics of Botox treatment are therefore the frown lines, forehead wrinkles or laugh lines (crow’s feet). These wrinkles are optimally treatable with Botox at comparatively low cost, provided they are not yet too deep. Getting Botox injections in time from your late 20s can therefore have a preventive effect.

Frown line

Botox against frown line
The ancestor of Botox treatment: the frown line. In black, the injection points.

The frown line is the “ancestor” of Botox treatment. It is caused by strained vision between the eyebrows (Glabella). Injecting the glabella was the first use of botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes. I prefer to inject the glabella of my patients in Munich with Botox because the procedure is significantly less risky than dermal filler and the Botox costs are also lower than those of hyaluronic acid.

Getting started with botox treatment

For many people, Botox into the frown line is, in fact, the first cosmetic intervention ever. Maybe you have experienced this yourself: You look in the mirror, you suddenly see the distinct furrow between your eyes, which looks grouchy and often unappealing. And then later you get fed up and go to the doctor to get Botox injections. Even as a skeptic. Several of my regular patients, the majority of them men, described their motivation to get Botox like that.

Forehead wrinkles

Botox in the forehead promises good results as long as wrinkles are not yet too deep. The late 20s/early 30s is therefore the optimal time to smooth out incipient forehead wrinkles with Botox and prevent them from deepening at a comparatively low cost. The longer you wait with prevention, the more difficult, risky and expensive the correction will be later.

To save Botox costs, it is usually worthwhile to have the forehead wrinkles treated together with the glabella and eyebrows in one session. A complete vial with 50 units of toxin can be optimally allocated to the three zones, which has a favorable effect on the costs. 

BOTOX against forehead wrinkles
Small injection scheme of the forehead. If the muscles are strong, Botox can also be injected in a 2nd row.

Technically, Botox is injected into the forehead according to alternative schemes to accommodate muscles of different strength in men and women. Small wrinkles that are not yet very deep are also well treatable with Micro-Botox. In this technique, Botox is injected into the skin in a highly diluted form. The goal here is not to weaken the underlying muscle. But only to override its fibers reaching into the skin. This is enough for subtle smoothing of minor wrinkles.

Laugh lines

Botox is also effective against wrinkles around the eyes. But even here, caution is necessary because the laugh lines (“crow’s feet”) are an important part of the facial expression. When laughing, they give a person a sympathetic expression. Therefore, the dose must be precisely determined, paralyzing muscles only to the extent that laugh lines are weakened, but sympathetic facial expressions remain intact.

As with many aesthetic techniques, the same applies here: It’s better to smooth subtly than to provoke a Botox fail. And a laugh that is no longer accompanied by visible laugh lines is typical of an artificial-looking “Botox face”.  For Botox treatment of eye wrinkles, I therefore choose the dosage prudently, which my patients in Munich appreciate.

Nose, mouth, neck, and décolleté

Botox also helps with wrinkles on the sides of the bridge of the nose (bunny lines), around the mouth and in the corners of the mouth (smoker lines), and in the chin area. On the chin, the marionette folds are a priority. They can still be corrected well with Botox at an early stage. Later, only dermal filler will do the job.

In addition to marionette lines, a “cobblestone chin” is also easily treatable with Botox. The cobblestone chin owes its name to the cobblestone-like pattern produced by an overly active mentalis muscle. Paralyzing this muscle with about 5-10 units of botulinum toxin makes the pattern disappear quickly in most cases.

Only mixed results can be achieved by Botox treatment for wrinkles on the neck and décolleté. Vertical wrinkles on the neck  (“turkey neck”) can be reduced quite well, but success with transverse wrinkles is limited. 

Gummy Smile 

A Gummy smile can also be treated easily and effectively with Botox. A Gummy Smile occurs when a large portion of the gums are visible when smiling. The reason for this is an overdeveloped lifting muscle that pulls the upper lip up excessively when laughing, making the gums visible. Said muscle (M. levator labii superioris) can be paralyzed with 2 punctures on the left and right side of the nose. As a result, the gummy smile becomes much less or disappears completely.

Lifting with Botox

Muscular weakening by Botox can be used not only against wrinkles, but also for subtle lifting of some zones of the face. Two applications in particular are worth mentioning: Eyebrow lifting with Botox and lifting the tip of the nose. With both applications, however, the emphasis is on “subtle” and one should not expect too big effects. You can use Botox much more effectively for an eyebrow lift if you inject it in addition to a thread lift. This makes it possible to achieve a disproportionately greater effect. 

Botox treatment at LIPS and SKIN

VIDEO of a botox treatment

The video shows a Botox treatment in my practice in Munich. The patient receives two Botox injections totaling 100 units in different regions of the face. A treatment of the entire face as shown in the video will cost €480-€520 in my practice. Prices are indicative only, individual Botox costs are calculated and billed according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).
Botox in five steps – for reliable results and maximum safety

Botox treatment procedure

Treatment with Botox in my practice in Munich follows a fixed scheme in five steps. Regardless of the specific treatment goal being pursued. My top priority is always patient safety and quality of the result. And since no two faces are alike, I take enough time for each patient and plan the procedure individually.


The first step is a detailed discussion of the patient’s initial situation and esthetic goals. What should be achieved with Botox treatment? Is the goal realistically achievable? What are the costs? What are the risks? Complications after Botox are rare, but they do happen. Are there alternative methods that would be more suitable or cost-effective? Are there any contraindications that need to be considered? If all questions are answered satisfactorily, then the patient signs a consent to treatment and a fee agreement. This bindingly records the costs of the wrinkle injection. Subsequent “surprises” are excluded. This step takes 15-30 minutes for first-time visits. In follow-up treatments, it will only take a few minutes.

Cleaning and disinfection

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the treatment area are essential to exclude bacterial infections. Therefore, traces of makeup and other impurities must be removed. I then disinfect the face with a skin-friendly disinfectant. This step takes 5 minutes.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is usually not necessary for a classic Botox treatment. Only for a larger injection area with numerous punctures, as is the case with Micro-Botox, I recommend it. As a rule, I then numb the treatment area with lidocaine cream. The topical anesthetic requires a contact time of 30 minutes. Therefore, this step, if necessary, takes another 30 minutes.

Botox injection

The actual injection with Botox then goes relatively quickly. Most treatments of individual zones of the face foresee only a few injection points per side. And even a Botox treatment of the entire face requires only about 10 punctures per side. Therefore, this part of the treatment lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Aftercare and control

After the injection we take a look in the mirror together, perform a short check if everything is okay and the result meets the expectations – and we are done. See you at the follow-up appointment in 14 days. In the rare case of any complications between the treatment and the control appointment, we will be in immediate and direct contact, however. You have my phone number for that.

Botox costs in my practice in Munich

Botox prices at lips and skin

The following Botox prices are indications for treatments in my practice in Munich. Actual Botox costs are always calculated according to the rules of the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ). They may therefore deviate from the indicative prices quoted below. Kindly note that your insurance provider will only reimburse you for Botox treatment if it is deemed medically necessary. This is usually not the case with aesthetic Botox injections, so you will foreseeably have to bear the costs yourself.

Botox treatmentIndicative Price in € (incl. VAT)
Forehead lines295
Frown line295
Forehead and frown line423
Crow’s feet295
Bunny lines295
Gummy smile295
Drooping mouth corners295
Smoker lines295
Eyebrow lift Botox295
Eyebrow lift Botox (for thread lift)240
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)595
Chronic migraine (150 Allergan units)650
Micro Botox (50 Allergan units)295
The above Botox prices are indicative, including consultation and VAT. The individual billing of the costs of Botox treatment is done according to GOÄ.
What patients want to know about Botox treatment

frequently asked questions

Are there any Botox long-term effects?

Since the late 1990s, millions of doses of Botox have been injected for cosmetic purposes, without any serious incidents. Therefore, Botox treatment can rightly be called very safe. The risks associated with the active ingredient and injections in general also prove to be low in context because only qualified doctors are allowed to inject Botox. In aesthetic medicine, there is also the fact that the doses are comparatively small. The risks are therefore minimal. However, this is always under the condition that Botox is injected by a well-trained and experienced medical expert.

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox, often also referred to as “Micro Botox”, is a technique in which Botox is injected into the skin in a highly diluted form (about 3-5x more than normal). Unlike in the classic Botox treatment, the target of Baby Botox treatment is not a facial muscle and the aim is not to paralyze it. The method is well suited for the treatment of lighter wrinkles and lines, but it also works well for oily skin and large pores. Since Baby Botox does not reach the muscle and therefore does not affect facial expressions, an artificial-looking “Botox face” is almost impossible.

Is Botox covered by insurance?

In the vast majority of cases, your health insurance will not cover the costs of a cosmetic Botox treatment. There may be exceptions in individual cases, but you should clarify these with your insurance provider in advance. However, when injecting Botox for severe sweating (hyperhidrosis), for relaxation of the masseter muscle (masseter hypertrophy) or neurological and vegetative disorders such as chronic migraine, reimbursement of costs is at least conceivable.

What are reasons not to get Botox?

Absolute contraindications for a Botox treatment are neuromuscular disorders. These include myasthenia gravis and Lambert-Eaton syndrome. Botox treatment is also taboo for patients with dysphagia. In addition, patients suffering from chronic respiratory distress must also not be treated with Botox. Moreover, Botox should not be administered during acute infections and inflammations. In addition, Botox can interact with several drugs as well as with some antibiotics (amynoglycoside antibiotics, spectinomycin). Before treatment, it is therefore essential to clarify any existing medication with the doctor. An allergy to a component of the actual Botox product used in the treatment is also a reason for exclusion. Likewise, Botox should not be administered during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although studies found to date no evidence of risks to pregnancy and the health of the baby, both the manufacturers and the medical associations advise against it. For this reason, I do not treat pregnant women or nursing mothers with Botox in my practice in Munich.

What is Botox?

“Botox” is on the one hand the short form of “botulinum toxin A”, a strong neurotoxin. It is produced by the bacterial species Clostridium botulinum and exists in seven subtypes (so-called “serotypes”), which are numbered from A to G. Serotype A is the most common type of botulinum toxin. Serotype A was used to develop medical drugs in the 1990s, one of which was marketed very successfully by its manufacturer Allergan under the name “Botox” as a treatment for wrinkles until 2006. From 2006, Allergan renamed its aesthetic botulinum toxin A into “Vistabel”. The original “Botox” brand was henceforth reserved for identical botulinum toxin A in the therapy of neurological disorders. Meanwhile, other manufacturers launched their own anti-wrinkle products based on botulinum toxin A, under names such as Azzalure, Dysport, Bocouture or Jeuveau. At the same time, it has become commonplace in everyday language to refer to all botulinum toxin A-based products used in wrinkle therapy as “Botox” without further ado. So while the term “Botox” nowadays accurately refers only to a drug approved for neurological therapy, it is generally applied to a genus of different drugs for cosmetic use, none of which is actually officially called “Botox”.

Is there a Botox antidote?

There is currently no effective antidote to botulinum toxin that could easily correct undesirable results of wrinkle injections. Modified forms of botulinum toxin that produce antibodies do exist. They are obtained from the immune serum of horses. However, on the one hand, these preparations have a high allergenic potential due to possible contamination with horse protein and may only be administered under intensive medical supervision. On the other hand, the currently existing antidotes can only prevent further uptake of botulinum toxin into the cells, but cannot neutralize toxin that has already been absorbed. This makes them useless for correcting “Botox fails”, while there are applications in food poisoning (botulism) where their use can make the difference between life and death. However, research is progressing and recently, for the first time, neutralization of already ingested toxin was achieved in animal experiments. Whether this will lead to the imminent availability of an antidote that can also be used in aesthetics is currently yet to be seen.

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