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Full lips with clear contours are considered sensual and attractive. They look especially feminine on women. People who are not naturally endowed with full lips can have them augmented with dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid.

Injecting lips with dermal filler to make them plumper has become a popular treatment. And furthermore, it is relatively safe because unlike in the past, today’s lip fillers are almost exclusively made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that also occurs in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is also relatively cheap. Thus, lip treatments can be offered at an attractive cost.

Dr. Eva Maria Strobl regularly treats lips with hyaluronic acid fillers in her practice in Munich. Lip augmentation is done quickly and does not require a scalpel or anesthesia.

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The most important facts about lip augmentation in a nutshell

LIP treatment at a glance

Duration:60 min incl. consultation
Effect holds:6-12 months
Anesthesia:included in the filler, additionally topical on request
Downtime:none, redness, swelling, and hematoma possible
Price:from approx. €330
The prices listed are guidelines; individual costs are billed according to GOÄ. Costs for lip injections are not reimbursed by GKV or PKV.
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Sensual, plump lips thanks to lip filler treatment

naturally beautiful lips

There is something magical about a beautiful mouth. Full, symmetrical lips with a clear contour and healthy color have therefore always been an ideal of beauty. That is why they are considered particularly feminine in women. A red mouth with full lips attracts attention. Full lips also look sexy on men. If, on the other hand, the lips appear thin and flabby, then this is often perceived as a flaw. Narrow lips, possibly flanked by drooping corners of the mouth, look serious and unsympathetic.

Lips shape the appearance

Narrow, contourless lips are, on the one hand, a matter of genetics and thus innate. On the other hand, they are also a consequence of aging. The lips become narrower with age. The skin surrounding them becomes drier and less elastic. Wrinkles around the lips become deeper. In many people, the lips are also asymmetrical. The upper lip then does not visually match the lower lip. Or one half of the lips does not harmonize with the other half.

The solution: have lips augmented

In all these cases, self-confidence can suffer from the fact that the image in the mirror does not match (anymore) the idea one has of oneself. The lips are a central part of our face. They therefore have a decisive influence on our appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are seeking relief and want to have their lips augmented. This is no longer a question of age: both old and young patients come to my practice in Munich to have their lips injected with lip filler.

However, lip injections with hyaluronic acid are not always just about more volume. Since hyaluronic acid is versatile, there are various treatment goals that can be achieved with lip injections. In principle, lip treatments with filler can be divided into three groups:

lip augmentation

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is the classic. Most lip treatments still take place with the aim of making them look bigger and fuller. Unfortunately, the desire is not always implemented for the true benefit of patients. Numerous examples of “inflatable boat lips” and “duck bills” are clear evidence of this. There are limits to a lip augmentation that should look natural. The dreaded duck bill, for example, is the result of too much filler causing compression in soft tissue. It is clearly visible in people who have had their lips extremely augmented.

Lip modeling

However, the great influence on the appearance often makes the lips the target of fashion trends. Where people used to rely on lipstick and piercing, today they have their lips styled with filler. Subtle corrections of the lip contour and philtrum have always been part of the spectrum of lip injections. The focus was on naturalness. But for those who don’t care, all options are open thanks to lip fillers. You can have your lips injected into the shape of a butterfly in the summer, and wear “Russian Lips” that resemble a heart in the winter. I do offer this type of modeling in my practice, but I strive to ensure patients really know what they are doing and have thought about it carefully.

lip wrinkle injection

Smoothing of lip wrinkles (also known as “smoker lines” or “barcode lines”) represents a third application of lip injections with hyaluronic acid. In this case, the filler should be injected sooner rather than later. This is because lip lines are difficult to treat when they are already very deep. Indeed, the deepening is accompanied by keratinization of the skin in the center of the wrinkles. The keratinized skin can cause clearly visible streaks if wrinkles are injected too much. My advice is therefore to have wrinkles around the lips injected with filler in time to achieve optimal results.

What the three applications have in common is that the amount of filler takes a back seat to the proper technique. Professionals have therefore long since moved away from simply meeting the patient’s desire for more lip volume with ever-increasing amounts of hyaluronic acid. Instead, they focus on the architecture of the lip. For example, I never inject the lip as a whole, but rather specifically model individual segments with filler. This way I achieve a natural look and a lip that fits the patient’s face.

The wise saying, “Less is sometimes more!”, absolutely applies here. Incidentally, this also reduces the amount of material used and thus the cost of lip treatments. Of course, I also treat patients who want to have their lips injected for greatly increased volume. But not without first checking how an enlarged lip harmonizes with the rest of the face. And whether it can be implemented optimally, i.e., without provoking a duck bill, for example.

Dissolve Filler with Hyaluronidase

In principle, it is possible to dissolve injected hyaluronic acid in the lips if the result is not satisfactory. The enzyme Hyaluronidase, better known by its trade name “Hylase” in Germany, is used for this purpose. Hylase is not free of side effects, so its use must be well considered. The treatment is also not cheap, dissolving 1ml of hyaluronic acid in the lips with Hylase in my practice amounts to min. €250. If you want to have your lips injected again afterwards, the costs quickly add up to quite a considerable amount. Moreover, Hylase does not contain anesthetic like lip filler does. Therefore, treatment can be painful. Often, it is thus better to simply leave the hyaluronic acid in the lips and wait until the body has absorbed it.

Lip injections for more volume

video lip injection

Lip augmentation with HA-filler in my practice in Munich. The patient is a woman in her mid-20’s. Lip injections with 1ml of hyaluronic filler, as shown in the video, cost from about €330 (Juvéderm Ultra 3) to about €450 (Juvéderm Volbella). These prices are indicative only, actual costs will be billed according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).
Lip treatments with HA-filler in 5 steps – for consistent quality and safety

lip Augmentation – The process

Lip treatments in my practice in Munich follow a five-step procedure. Since numbing the lips with topical anesthetic is advisable, and the numbing cream requires about 30 minutes of exposure time, the treatment all in all takes some time, usually about 1 hour for first-time patients.


The first step is a detailed discussion of the patient’s initial situation and esthetic goals. What exactly should be achieved with lip injections? Is it more about volume or more about contour? Is the goal realistically achievable? What are the costs? Which fillers are available? What are the risks? Are there any contraindications that need to be considered? If all questions are answered satisfactorily, then the patient signs a consent to treatment and a fee agreement. This bindingly records the costs of the treatment. Subsequent “surprises” are thus impossible. This step takes between 15 and 30 minutes for first-time patients. Subsequent treatments will need less time for it.

Cleaning and disinfection

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the lips are essential to exclude bacterial infections. I then disinfect the lips with Octenisept, a disinfectant that is friendly to sensitive skin and mucous membranes. This step takes 5 minutes.

Local anesthesia

I usually numb the lips with lidocaine cream before injecting. It requires a contact time of 30 minutes. During this time, you can read or surf the internet in the patient lounge.

Lip Treatment

First, the lips are cleaned from the lidocaine cream. The actual lip treatment is relatively quick and typically takes no longer than 15 min. The injection of mouth wrinkles takes a little more time. More complex modeling of the lip can also be more time-consuming.

Aftercare and control

After the injections we take a joint look in the mirror, perform a quick check if everything is okay and the result meets expectations – and we are done! Your lips will be sensitive at the injection sites after the anesthesia wears off. They will also swell greatly within a short time. Don’t be fooled, though, this is a normal swelling that will go away within a few days. It makes the lips look much bigger the day after the treatment than the filler alone does. The actual effect of the augmentation, which will remain with you for about 6-9 months, is visible only after 2-3 days. Hematomas are also possible. They also pass within 1-2 days. You should take this into account in your scheduling of important events. At the follow-up appointment after 14 days, we examine the result together. And re-inject if necessary. In case of complications, of course, we will see each other again immediately.

Prices for treatments with lip filler at LIPS and SKIN

how much do LIP Treatments cost?

The following prices for lip filler treatments are indicative. Individual treatment costs are always billed according to the German Medical Fee Schedule(GOÄ). They may therefore deviate from the indicative prices quoted below. Please note that your health insurance will very likely not reimburse the costs of a lip filler treatment.

TreatmentIndicative price in € (incl. VAT)
Lip volume 1ml330-450
Lip volume 2ml610-850
Lip wrinkles450
Lip moisturization450
Dissolve with Hylase195-280
All prices for lip treatments are indicative only. The actual calculation/billing of a treatment is done according to the rules set forth in the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).
What patients want to know about lip injections

frequently asked questions

Is a lip treatment painful?

The lips are densely interwoven with nerves and are therefore very sensitive to pain when injected. The filler injections that I use in my practice in Munich do contain lidocaine for anesthesia. Nevertheless, I advise my patients to use a local anesthetic with lidocaine cream on top. Thus, most patients find the punctures in the lip to be quite painless. However, and I speak from my experience, despite the anesthesia, the injection of the lips can always “pinch” a little.

Are lumps in the lip normal after HA injections?

It happens that the lips do not absorb hyaluronic acid evenly. The effect is usually only temporary. It can be eliminated by light massaging. Larger lumps that are immediately and permanently felt and clearly visible indicate a treatment error. If lumps do not appear until some time after the lip injection, often months later, then it may be a delayed allergic reaction. In this case, it is recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. ibuprofen, oral corticosteroids) and in severe cases to dissolve the injected hyaluronic acid with Hyaluronidase.

Can lip injections cause fever blisters?

Injection of lips with filler itself does not cause fever blisters. However, if you are already a carrier of herpes, then lip injections can trigger an outbreak. In such cases, I recommend taking an oral antiviral before and after lip injections to prevent a herpes outbreak. For example, Zovirax 400mg in the dose recommended to you by your doctor (typically 3-4 tablets per day for 3-5 days before and after treatment).

What is a Botox lip-flip?

The Botox Lip-Flip is a special injection technique on the upper and lower lips that can be used as an alternative or as a complement to lip augmentation with lip filler. Botox is injected into the oral ring muscle (Musculus orbicularis oris) to reach only its superficial fibers and relax them to such an extent that the lips “tilt” outward. On the one hand, this can be used to achieve a subtle enlargement effect, but on the other hand, it can also be used to prevent the lips from being “pulled into the mouth” during certain facial expressions (primarily laughter). Unlike some of my colleagues in the aesthetics profession, however, I do not see Botox Lip-Flip as a real alternative to augmentation with lip filler. My advice is therefore to preferably have your lips injected with hyaluronic acid if you are not satisfied with their shape or size.

Do you offer financing for treatment costs?

No. I know some of my colleagues do that, but not me. My services are payable immediately. I also do not cooperate with any bank through which this would be possible. If you want to have your lips injected with lip filler, you can choose from hyaluronic acid fillers at different costs so that the treatment costs fit into your budget.

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