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„Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is a wonderful and sensitive doctor. She works very cleanly. Her practice rooms are lovingly decorated in detail. I am thrilled and can recommend Eva 100 percent.“

Das Bild zeigt eine Patientin, die ein positive Bewertung für Frau Dr. Strobl abgibt.
Anja Botzen, Munich

What to Expect with Dr. Eva Maria Strobl

Specialized clinic for aesthetic medicine in Munich.

Long-standing experience from several thousand beauty treatments.

Medical procedures exclusively by Dr. Strobl.

A relaxed atmosphere in a central location in Munich.

Direct accessibility for post-treatment care.

Aesthetic medicine at fairly calculated costs.

Bild, das ein Portrait von Dr. Eva Maria Strobl von Lips and Skin Ästhetische Medizin in München wiedergibt.

Your Clinic for Beauty Treatments in Munich

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But a radiant and vital appearance helps us feel confident and attractive. No matter our age.

LIPS and SKIN is your competent partner in aesthetic medicine, meeting the highest standards.

In my clinic in Munich, I specialize in modern and low-risk beauty treatments that do not require surgery.

My focus in aesthetics is on Botox, Hyaluron, thread lifting, PRP and Microneedling. I do not offer cosmetic surgery.

As an experienced doctor, I place great value on offering you personal care. Therefore, I perform all medical treatments myself.

Schedule an appointment now for a treatment or a non-binding consultation at LIPS and SKIN Aesthetic Medicine.

A Complete Range of Treatments for a Radiant Look

Ästhetische Medizin München - Botox

Botox for Mimic Lines

I use Botox in Munich for mimic wrinkle treatment. Botox relaxes the muscles, the aesthetics of the face can appear fresher and more relaxed. Facial treatment with Botox is fast, effective and low-risk.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Microbotox

Skinbotox for Large Pores

With Skinbotox I treat oily skin and large pores. Unlike wrinkle injections, the toxin is injected into the skin and not into the muscle. This allows the pores to appear finer and the skin to shine less greasy.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Faltenunterspritzung mit Hyaluron

Augmentation with Fillers

Fillers made of hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite bring natural volume back to the face. Deep skin wrinkles and sagging facial areas can be lifted by wrinkle injections with fillers without cosmetic surgery.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Lippen Aufspritzen

Plumper Lips

I augment narrow and contourless lips with hyaluronic acid fillers to make them look fuller and beautifully shaped. Beautiful lips look sensual and attractive to many people. The effect lasts 6-12 months.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Fadenlifting

Thread Lift

Skin tightening with threads is a new method of aesthetic medicine that does not require cosmetic surgery. Absorbable threads are laid under the skin and tighten it softly. The procedure is suitable for face, body, arms and legs.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Fett weg Spritze

Fat Dissolving Injection

Treatment with the fat dissolving injection can remove excess fat deposits without the need for surgery or liposuction. The treatment is well suited for stubborn areas such as double chin or abdominal fat.

Ästhetische Medizin München - Microneedling

Microneedling for Extra Glow

Microneedling gets under the skin! And there it activates the proliferation of stem cells and growth factors and the synthesis of collagen. Thus, tissue is rejuvenated, and wrinkles and scars can be very effectively reduced.

Eigenbluttherapie mit Platelet Rich Plasma - LIPS and SKIN Ästhetische Medizin - München

Skin Rejuvenation with PRP

A beautiful, even skin texture can be achieved naturally with PRP (platelet rich plasma) or PRF (platelet rich fibrin). These autologous blood treatments rely solely on the healing powers of the patient’s own body.

Aesthetic Expertise in Competent Hands

Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is your expert for aesthetic medicine in Munich. With 20 years of experience in general medicine and 10 years specializing in facial treatments, she brings the necessary competence and experience to fulfill your aesthetic desires.

Since 2017, Dr. Strobl has been practicing non-surgical beauty treatments at her clinic, LIPS and SKIN Aesthetic Medicine, in Munich.

At Dr. Eva Maria Strobl’s, you can expect personal attention and individual care. She performs all aesthetic treatments herself and is personally available for post-treatment care. Patient safety and first-class, natural-looking results are her top priorities.

Trust Dr. Strobl and experience the benefits of personal, expert care. You are in competent hands with her!

Dr. Eva Maria Strobl

Your facial aesthetics expert in Munich

What my Patients Say…

Whoever needs a little maintenance, I can highly recommend Dr. Strobl. What I like very much, besides the great treatment, Dr. Strobl takes her time. A feeling of quickly getting in and out does not arise, and you always feel welcome.

– Katrin Ruland


I am more than satisfied, I feel very well taken care of and advised by Dr. Strobl. Attention is always paid to naturalness and her advice is simply professional & medically wonderful. Only to recommend!

– Tanja Pangerl


I had Botox done by Dr. Strobl and am pleased with the results. I can no longer look angry, and I think that’s great 🙂
Dr. Strobl explains everything very thoroughly and the treatment itself is quick.

– Elizaveta Sytova


Just great!
Both the atmosphere and the consultation and treatment were more than just very good! … The doctor also made me forget that I suffer from a strong syringe phobia by her very friendly and courteous manner.

Ha-Ly Duong


I went to Dr. Strobl for my first Botox treatment (crow’s feet and forehead) and the result exceeded my expectations. Very subtle and yet the disturbing wrinkles are gone. There was a very detailed consultation and also during the treatment she explained again and again what is being done. I can recommend Dr. Strobl with full conviction!

– Anonymous (verified)


I am thrilled with doctor Strobl!
A very friendly, competent and very sympathetic doctor!
The thread lift on the neck has totally convinced me, I am super satisfied.

– Anonymous (verified)


Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is rated 4.8/5 in 34 ratings on Google, 5/5 in 17 ratings on Jameda and 5/5 in 15 ratings on muenchen.de (as of June 2023). Please click on the respective link if you want to see all patient ratings of Dr. Strobl on the respective platform.

Facial Aesthetics in Munich at Fair Prices

Botox Treatment
Prices from

290 €*

(incl. 1 Zone, e.g. frown lines)

Augmentation with Filler
Prices from

298 €*

(incl. 1ml premium filler)

icon lip filler

Lip Augmentation
Prices from

298 €*

(incl. 1ml premium filler)

Thread lifting
Prices from

280 €*

(incl. 20 PDO monofilaments)

Fat Dissolving Injection
Prices from

220 €*

(incl. 10ml Network-Compound)

Prices from

290 €*

(ca. 30 points face/head)

* The prices quoted above are for indicative purpose only, derived from previous experience with aesthetic treatments in my practice in Munich. Individual costs for beauty treatments are always calculated and billed according to the rules stipulated by the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ). Actual costs may therefore differ from the above prices, even significantly. Please note that costs for beauty treatments are usually not reimbursed by health insurance providers. Detailed indicative prices for our beauty treatments can be found here.

Featured Treatment of the Month: PROFHILO

Extra shot of Hyaluron for more skin moisture

Long-term biostimulation stimulates collagen formation

Only 5 injection points per side of the face

Recommended 2x at intervals of 4 weeks for optimal effect

Fresh glow for up to 6 months

Perfect for radiant skin in the summer

Suitable for face, neck, décolleté, body, arms, and legs

From approx. €298 (indicative price, billing according to GOÄ)

Learn more about PROFHILO

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