Microneedling treatment

Microneedling – the most natural facial rejuvenation treatment

microneedling at lips and skin

Medical microneedling is a facial rejuvenation treatment that involves puncturing the skin with hundreds and thousands of needle sticks. Puncturing the skin stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and tighter. The complexion becomes fresher and more even.

Are you interested in a microneedling treatment in Munich and looking for medical expertise at a fair cost? Then Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is the practitioner you can trust.

In her practice LIPS and SKIN, right next to the famous Bavaria, she uses medical microneedling for a variety of cosmetic applications. She has a strong sense of aesthetics and attaches great importance to a sympathetic look. Thanks to her years of experience, she provides her patients with comprehensive advice on the prospects of success, risks and microneedling costs.

Learn more about medical microneedling in Munich with Dr. Eva Maria Strobl on this page.

Competence in medical Microneedling

your advantages with LIPS and SKIN

quality thanks to specialization

Many years of experience with microneedling treatment

Sufficient time and full attention on patients

A relaxed atmosphere in a central location in Munich

Direct accessibility via cell phone and e-mail in aftercare

Fairly calculated microneedling costs

The most important facts about Microneedling in a nutshell

MicroNeedling at a glance

Duration:60-90min incl. consultation and anesthesia
Effect off:a 2nd and 3rd session in 4-week intervals, then 2x a year
Anesthesia:topical (lidocaine cream)
Downtime:none, but medical microneedling can leave a significant redness and haematomas for 1-3 days
Prices:from approx. €250
The price quoted above is indicative, actual costs are charged according to German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).
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Microneedling for a tighter skin and an even complexion

when MICroneedling?

A microneedling treatment achieves the rejuvenation and repair of the skin. It is suitable for general improvement of skin appearance as well as for targeted therapy of scars and skin damage. During the treatment, new collagen and elastin fibers are created, and the tissue is regenerated. Thus, the skin doesn’t just look younger – it really is. Microneedling in the face is recommended, especially for problem skin and first signs of wrinkles.

The skin texture improves significantly with regular microneedling treatment. The complexion looks even. Overall, a gentle glow returns to the face, it looks fresher and more youthful. Therefore, treating the face, neck, and décolleté with microneedling is one of the most effective anti-aging measures that can be performed preventively. Microneedling is also attractive in terms of cost compared to other cosmetic procedures. As a stand-alone therapy, as well as in combination with other treatments.

Microneedling for a tighter skin and an even complexion

Who should have a MICroneedling?

Microneedling is a versatile treatment. It can be used to smooth minor wrinkles and lines and improve undereye circles, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and pigmentation disorders. Its depth can be adapted to the treatment goal, and it can also be combined with other treatments, mainly PRP and Micro-Botox.

No wounds with microneedling

Moreover, microneedling has a major advantage over other facial rejuvenation treatments: the top layer of skin, the epidermis, is not damaged during puncturing. There are no open wounds, such as those caused by ablative laser or peeling. The risk of infection and scarring is thus greatly reduced.

How deep?

When I say microneedling, I exclusively refer to medical microneedling. The term refers to a treatment with a needling depth between 0.5 mm and 2.0 mm. Only then is a skin needling worth the effort. Needling this deep implies that the core layer of the skin, the dermis, gets hit by the needle-sticks. Hundreds and thousands of micro-wounds are thus created, triggering the body’s natural healing process. During the healing, new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is created. Skin is rejuvenated in the process.

Needling at depths >0.5 mm requires local anesthesia because otherwise the numerous punctures would be impossible to endure. I typically apply numbing cream to the treatment zone some 30 min before treatment. The necessary exposure time of the anesthetic makes the overall duration of the treatment rather long, but again: without proper numbing, a medical needling would be unbearably painful.

excellent for scars and stretch marks

Microneedling in depths between 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm is excellent for the treatment of atrophic scars. Atrophic scars have lost collagen during the healing process and can therefore be mitigated by stimulating collagen formation. With regard to acne scars, microneedling is especially effective for boxcar scars and rolling scars.

The younger the scars, the more promising the success of the treatment. Fresh scars, whose formation was less than 1 year ago, can be treated particularly well with microneedling. Stretch marks, such as those that can appear after pregnancy, can also be treated well with microneedling from a depth of approximately 1 mm.

What results can be expected?

Already the day after the microneedling treatment, the skin should have a fresher, firmer impression. For optimal results, two to three repetitions at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks each are advisable. In the case of poor skin condition and deeper scars or stretch marks also a fourth and fifth. Thereafter, microneedling should be repeated about every 6 months.

Microneedling with Micro-Botox on a male patient

video microneedling + botox

The video shows a complete microneedling treatment, during which diluted Botox (Micro-Botox) is also administered through the microchannels pierced into the skin. The treatment in this clip begins with an enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells, making the skin even more permeable.
Microneedling in 5 steps – for consistent quality of results and utmost patient safety

microneedling – The Process

Microneedling treatment in my practice in Munich follows a fixed five-step scheme. Since this treatment requires a topical anesthesia with lidocaine cream, and this requires about 30 minutes of exposure time, it takes a relatively long time all in all. But since patient comfort is important to me, I take the time necessary to carry it out properly.


The first step is a detailed discussion of the patient’s initial situation and aesthetic goals. What should be achieved with microneedling? Is the goal realistically achievable? What are the costs? What are the risks? Are there alternative methods that would be more suitable or cost-effective? Are there any contraindications that need to be considered? If all questions are answered satisfactorily, then the patient signs a consent to treatment and a fee agreement. This keeps a binding record of the costs. Subsequent “surprises” are not possible. This step takes 15-30 minutes for first-time patients. It is considerably less time-consuming in subsequent treatments.

Cleaning and disinfection

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the treatment area are essential to exclude bacterial infections. Therefore, traces of makeup and other impurities must be removed. I then disinfect the face with a skin-friendly disinfectant. This step takes 5 minutes.

Local anaesthesia

Unlike superficial microneedling, which is offered by cosmetic studios or is also possible at home using a dermaroller from the drugstore, topical anesthesia is essential for medical needling the way we perform it. The depth of the puncture is usually between 1 and 2 mm, and without anesthesia it would be unbearably painful. I numb with lidocaine cream before the treatment. It requires an exposure time of 30 minutes. During this time, you can read or surf the internet in the patient lounge.

Medical needling

First, the treatment area is cleaned of the lidocaine cream. If patients book this (highly recommended) add-on to their needling treatment, an enzyme peeling can now be performed to remove dead skin flakes. For the needling itself, we use a device to paint over the treatment area while a punch punctures the skin at high speed. Thanks to local anaesthesia, patients hardly notice the needles puncturing their skin. When microneedling is combined with other therapies, such as PRP or Micro-Botox, the respective ingredients are applied to the skin whilst the needling takes place. Thanks to the hundreds of microfine channels pricked by the needles, they reach deep into the dermis, where they are supposed to exert their therapeutical effect. When the needling is finished, a soothing face mask can be applied to calm the skin.

Aftercare and control

After the needling follows a common look in the mirror, a short check if everything is ok and the result meets the expectations—done. Due to the large number of punctures, your skin will be very red after the microneedling treatment. Hematomas are also possible. The traces of the treatment may remain clearly visible for 1-3 days. You should take this into account in your scheduling. With microneedling, on-site control appointments in the practice are usually not necessary. Nevertheless, we stay in touch to monitor the healing process and to be able to react immediately in case of complications.

Indicative prices for microneedling treatments at LIPS and SKIN

what does microneedling cost?

TreatmentIndicative price in € (incl. VAT)
Microneedling face250
Microneedling face, neck, décolleté350
Microneedling treatment + PRP face450
Microneedling treatment + PRP face, neck, décolleté540
Microneedling + Microbotox Face490
Microneedling against hairloss 220
Microneedling treatment + PRP hair280
Microneedling hair + Minoxidil220
The mentioned microneedling prices are indicative. Individual costs are always billed according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ). They may therefore deviate from the indicative prices. Please note that your health insurance will only reimburse you for microneedling if it is deemed medically necessary. This is usually not the case with aesthetic microneedling treatments.
What patients want to know about microneedling

frequently asked questions

Is there any downtime after microneedling?

Medical needling at a depth of 1-2 mm leaves quite severe redness on the face, perhaps a small bruise or two. Moreover, the feeling of a slightly more violent sunburn. I would not want to go out among people in such a condition. Especially since no make-up should be used immediately after microneedling. In my vampire lift testimonial, I posted photos illustrating the extent of redness on day 1 and 2 after treatment. Plan accordingly in your schedule if you are interested in getting a medical microneedling.

Are there other risks?

Microneedling is a comparatively risk-free procedure for as long as hygienic requirements are met and the risk of infection is minimized. As with all intradermal therapies, microneedling carries an increased risk of a new outbreak of herpes. In patients with a corresponding predisposition, herpes prophylaxis is useful. I recommend taking respective medication from 10 days before the treatment until 5 days afterwards.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

In most cases, unfortunately, not. However, there are medical indications for which health insurance companies or accident insurers do reimburse at least part of the costs, such as scar treatment after illnesses or accidents. A specific case in my practice involved the treatment of scars in the perioral region after a dog bite, which was completely reimbursed by the accident insurance. It is always best to clarify the question of possible reimbursement with your insurance company in advance.

Who should not get a microneedling?

Individuals with a tendency to excessive scarring or acute infections in the treatment area should refrain from microneedling treatment. Moreover, microneedling is contraindicated while taking blood thinning medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, …), as it could cause unsightly bruising. Other contraindications to microneedling include rosacea and chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis.

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