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Micro Botox


Micro Botox


Against large pores and oily skin

Micro-Botox gegen große Poren und fettige Haut - LIPS and SKIN Ästhetische Medizin München

Micro-Botox is a relatively new technique from South Korea in which classical botulinum toxin is superficially injected into the skin in higher dilution than usual.

The method is well suited for the treatment of oily skin and large pores.

Micro botox, baby botox, microtox

Microbotox is also suitable for the reduction of smaller wrinkles and lines, which do not yet require a targeted weakening of the underlying muscle.

Instead, the small amount of botulinum toxin is sufficient to weaken only the muscle fibres that are inserted into the skin, thus producing a subtle smoothing effect.

For this purpose the treatment has also entered the cosmetic industry jargon as “baby botox” or “microtox”.

In Germany, the term “mesobotox” is also used for this purpose, but in my opinion it is misleading. Microbotox has nothing to do with mesotherapy.

What is meant by all these names is the same thing, namely to smooth out smaller lines and wrinkles without injecting directly into the muscle.

High dilution, superficial application

Since the botulinum toxin in Microbotox is only introduced into the skin in low doses and not into the underlying muscle tissue, there is no risk of mimic limitations.

Thus, those who want to use botulinum toxin for the first time but have so far been reluctant to do so for fear of an artificial facial expression will find a low-risk alternative in Micro-Botox or Baby Botox.

Micro-Botox treatment requires less botulinum toxin per injection point than conventional intramuscular application. Therefore, the active ingredient solutions administered are 3-5 times more diluted than usual without any reduction in effectiveness.

Subtle smoothing of wrinkles and lines

In addition to a subtle smoothing effect, Micro-Botox delivers convincing results in refining large pores and alleviating oily skin. Problems often occur in the nose and eye area, but often also in the glabellar region between the eyebrows.

The mechanism of action by which Microbotox improves oily and porous skin is not yet known in detail. It is thought to be related to the neurological influence on sweat and sebaceous glands on the one hand and the inactivation of fine muscles in the skin which are responsible for straightening the hair (M. erector pilii) on the other hand.

For my patients in Munich, the treatment of such problem areas is the main purpose for which I use this treatment.

Improved skin appearance  or porcelaine-face?

However, especially an Asian audience in my practice goes beyond this and allows Microbotox to be injected into the face in large areas to achieve a very smooth, porcelain-like complexion, which in countries like South Korea is apparently an ideal of beauty.

In my practice in Munich I offer micro botox on the one hand to patients who are concerned about the possible mimic side effects of the traditional method, i.e. impairment of facial expressions.

Although I am firmly convinced that botulinum injections should never lead to a frozen appearance, even when used in the traditional way, and that such a result is due to a lack of competence on the part of the therapist.

But for patients who come into contact with botulinum toxin for the first time and for whom a microbotox treatment promises success, it is a good alternative for getting started.

On the other hand, however, in Munich I use micro-botoxin mainly to improve the skin condition of patients with oily skin and large pores. In my opinion, the therapy is tailor-made for this purpose. And if, as already mentioned, the classical Botox application is under control as a physician, it will also not lead to any undesirable mimic complications.

What happens during micro botox treatment?

Treatment with micro botox is essentially the same as classical botox:

  • A detailed self-disclosure by the patient is first required in order to identify possible contraindications.
  • In the subsequent patient consultation, the possibilities of botulinum therapy, but also risks and known side effects are discussed.
  • The status quo before the treatment is then documented by a photo.
  • Local anaesthesia and injections follow. Since micro-botox requires a whole series of injections, I normally always sedate. This is also because the nose is very often affected, and most patients find injections here quite unpleasant.

Schmerzfreie Faltenbehandlung mit der dünnsten aktuell erhältlichen Nadel - LIPS and SKIN

For the injections I use the thinnest needles currently available on the market, called “invisible needle” by their manufacturer.

Now downtime

After treatment, patients are generally facing no downtime.

Reddening of the skin at the injection sites should have disappeared after a little while. Slight wheals at the injection sites may still be visible, but will also disappear shortly afterwards.

For the days after the treatment, I recommend the same recommendations as for classic Botox: Avoid the sun, as well as excessive sport and sauna visits.

Just injected, already being sweated out again?

You should especially avoid visiting the sauna, solarium and fitness studio. Because with micro botox, the active ingredient is injected into the skin in a highly diluted form and is not immediately absorbed. You certainly do not want to sweat it out again immediately after the treatment.

What does micro botox cost?

Usually one ampoule of Vistabel 50 units is sufficient for a micro botox treatment of the face.

Since the degree of difficulty of the treatment is not particularly high, you can count on a relatively reliable price indication of about 250-270 Euros (including consultation and VAT), even though I am required by law to calculate the costs of the treatment individually according to the German code of fees for doctors (GOÄ).

Thus, at least as far as the comparatively low price is concerned, this therapy can rightly be called “baby botox”.

See you soon!