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HyaluronIc acid as supplement

More and more products for dietary supplementation with hyaluron are coming onto the market. Whether as tablets, powders or drinks, they often promise the greatest things. Recently, even as cat food. What to make of it?

Men / Microbotox / Microneedling

Microneedling for men

Cosmetic treatments are no longer just a topic for women. My husband Thomas provides the proof in this article. Here is his microneedling experience (with video).


Baby botox against large pores

Large pores and oily skin can be treated very effectively with Micro BOTOX. The process is relatively new. In this post I explain how it works.


Botox forehead and frown line

Forehead wrinkles are often perceived as disturbing, but at the same time they are an essential part of facial expression. Therefore, your treatment with BOTOX requires great care.


Vampire Lifting? I did it!

In this post, I describe my own personal vampire lifting experience. With photos and videos of the treatment and a lot of learnings.


Why hyaluronic Acid is not just hyaluronic Acid

For the visual success of wrinkle treatment with hyaluron, the decisive factor is how well the hyaluron gel bonds with the tissue. This is referred to as “tissue integration”. More about this in this article.


BOTOX helps against heavy sweating

Heavy sweating is unpleasant. Especially if for no apparent reason. The condition, medically described as “hyperhidrosis”, is quite widespread and the causes are often diffuse. BOTOX can help against this.

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