Get Rid of Man Boobs with Fat-Dissolving Injections

What Helps with Male Breasts?

Different Causes for Male Breasts

When men develop breasts, there can be various underlying reasons. For the successful treatment of enlarged male breasts, it is important to correctly differentiate between them, as only with an accurate diagnosis and the right approach can men effectively get rid of unwanted male breasts.

Gynecomastia vs. Lipomastia

Medically, there are two distinctions for enlarged male breasts: gynecomastia and lipomastia (aka. adipomastia). Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of glandular breast tissue in males. It occurs due to hormonal imbalances, specifically an increase in estrogen or a decrease in testosterone levels.

Lipomastia, also known as pseudo-gynecomastia or adipomastia, is characterized by the presence of excess fat in the breast area. Unlike gynecomastia, lipomastia is not caused by glandular tissue enlargement but rather an accumulation of adipose (fat) tissue. It can be influenced by factors such as genetics, obesity, and overall body fat distribution.

Gynecomastia: Increased Glandular Tissue

In cases of true gynecomastia, the breast glandular tissue proliferates beyond normal levels. The extent of enlargement varies based on individual factors, ranging from barely noticeable to the development of significant “male breasts” that resemble those seen in girls during puberty. What causes this condition? The primary cause is usually a hormonal imbalance, resulting in an imbalance between estrogens and androgens.

Hormonal Imbalances

Such hormonal imbalances can have diverse and individual causes. Possible factors include the consumption of estrogens from livestock in the diet, the abuse of certain drugs, and specific organ disorders, particularly kidney diseases, which can contribute to enlarged male breasts. Excessive beer consumption is also known to promote gynecomastia.

In most cases, surgical intervention is the only solution for gynecomastia. Conservative methods for treating male breasts should not be expected to yield significant results for true gynecomastia. While medications for gynecomastia exist, they primarily aim to address the hormonal imbalance, but their success rate is modest.

Can male breasts be reduced through exercise?

The idea of being able to exercise away male breasts will, in most cases, lead to disappointment. I have observed men in my fitness studio attempting to train away their enlarged chests for several months, only to realize that it is simply not possible to eliminate true gynecomastia through exercise alone. However, engaging in regular physical activity is always recommended.

The option of reducing male breasts through exercise only applies if the enlargement is due to excess fat tissue, which is already challenging enough in practice. However, if it is a genuine gynecomastia and the resulting psychological distress is significant, it is highly likely that one will eventually seek the help of a surgeon. Only a surgeon can reliably remove male breasts resulting from gynecomastia.

Lipomastia: Male Breast Enlargement Due to Excess Fat

Causes of Male Breasts Revealed

Pseudo-Gynecomastia, on the other hand, is not caused by hormonal imbalances. In this condition, the appearance of male breasts is primarily due to the accumulation of fat. This type of male breast enlargement is referred to as lipomastia or adipomastia.

Battle of the Bulge: Excess Fat and Male Breast Enlargement

The most common cause of lipomastia, as one might expect, is excess weight. This is good news for men who are unhappy with their male breasts because losing chest fat is much easier than getting rid of enlarged male breasts caused by true gynecomastia. Losing fat in the chest area can be achieved through burning calories and targeting the “right” fat deposits in the body.

Shattering Myths: Can Exercise Eliminate Male Breasts?

However, whether the body specifically targets chest fat during exercise and calorie deficit is another question, despite various exercises claiming to reduce male breasts. The body’s fat-burning process cannot be controlled to target specific areas. Nevertheless, it can be said with certainty that attempting to reduce male breasts without surgery has a much higher chance of success compared to true gynecomastia. While there is no guarantee that you can eliminate male breasts through exercise, dieting alone or as a supplementary measure often yields excellent results.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Approaches to Male Breast Reduction

If dieting proves to be impractical or too time-consuming, there are still relatively uncomplicated medical interventions available to address lipomastia. These include the “fat-dissolving injection” mentioned in this article, or liposuction. While these methods are considered a last resort, they are preferable to surgical procedures for gynecomastia, which are complex and not without risks.

Decoding the Difference: Gynecomastia vs. Lipomastia Unveiled

Distinguishing between gynecomastia and lipomastia can be done through palpation of the chest. In the case of true gynecomastia, hard glandular tissue can be felt around the nipple area. Pinching this area usually causes noticeable pain. On the other hand, if the tissue consists of fat, the chest feels soft and jiggly. In all likelihood, male breasts in such cases are a result of lipomastia.

Gynecomastia frequently accompanies enlarged nipples. A more precise diagnosis can be obtained through ultrasound. Men of older age should consider this, possibly in conjunction with a mammogram, as abnormal growth of breast tissue can also indicate a potential cancer diagnosis.

Male Breasts are Widespread.

The Psychological Impact: Battling the Stigma of Male Breasts

Male breasts due to lipomastia are a widespread phenomenon. Estimates suggest that around 50% of men are affected by lipomastia, with the majority of them being overweight. However, regardless of the specific cause, the presence of “male breasts” has a negative psychological impact on many individuals. As breasts are typically associated with femininity, male breast enlargement is perceived as “unmanly.” Those affected often suffer psychologically, especially when subjected to ridicule and teasing.

Seeking Masculinity: The Desire to Eliminate Male Breasts

It is understandable that men want to get rid of their enlarged male breasts, prompting many who are typically not interested in aesthetic procedures to consider consulting a surgeon. A rounded chest is a characteristic associated with femininity, and few men truly feel comfortable with it. Moreover, when the breast size becomes significant, it becomes challenging to conceal under clothing, making the issue a year-round concern that burdens individuals, not only at the beach or swimming pool during the summer.

Lipomastia in Strength Athletes: Challenging the Muscular Ideal

Lipomastia can also affect men who engage in strength training and have a muscular physique. Despite their muscle mass, they may still carry a certain amount of body fat. Unfortunately, they have little control over its distribution across different body regions, despite popular beliefs.

The increased body fat becomes noticeable in strength athletes, particularly during the “bulking” phase, where they consume calories above their daily requirements to accelerate muscle growth. Alternatively, during the off-season when they prefer not to adhere to a strict diet, a noticeable layer of fat gradually forms over their muscles.

The Elusive Solution: Exercise and Diet for Male Breast Reduction

While some individuals develop small “love handles” around the hips despite their imposing stature, others experience fat accumulation in different areas, often resulting in enlarged male breasts (lipomastia). As many strength athletes know, the idea of eliminating male breasts through extra gym sessions is difficult to achieve since fat deposits cannot be targeted for spot reduction.

There are no specific exercises or sports that promise success in reducing male breasts. Of course, engaging in physical activity increases overall calorie expenditure, promoting fat burning. This can help reduce male breasts to some extent. However, the extent of this reduction remains uncertain.

Some individuals may successfully eliminate the problem through exercise and diet, while others may achieve only moderate success in reducing male breasts through training. The body autonomously determines which fat deposits to store or enlarge to store excess calories from food, and which ones to tap into for energy when dietary intake is reduced during a diet.

Six Packs (and Ripped Chests) are Made in the Kitchen: The Power of Diet in Tackling Male Breasts

That’s why the athletic gentlemen in my fitness studio say, ‘Six packs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.’ It’s the diet that makes the difference, not the training. Interestingly, it’s often the hard-training ‘Hulks’ who consume calorie-dense food for muscle growth that struggle with belly fat and lipomastia. To get rid of their male breasts, along with any other excess fat deposits, cutting is necessary: strict dieting with daily calorie deficits of 500 calories or more. This often lasts for a longer period, frequently 12 weeks or more.

Struggling with the Paradox: Lipomastia and the Limits of Dieting

As female athletes in sports have often observed, to their regret, strict dieting has an impact on breast size. A prolonged calorie deficit forces the body to tap into its fat reserves. Excluding pathological fat distribution disorders, this includes breast fat as well. It’s no wonder that in sports such as bodybuilding or women’s fitness, where muscular definition and extremely low body fat percentages are crucial for success, many female athletes opt for significant breast implants.

However, as mentioned earlier, in rare cases, even a strict diet proves ineffective in reducing breast fat, as the body may lose fat from other areas instead. Often, the “strict” diet is not strict enough to persuade the body to reduce breast fat.

One such case is my patient Max, who will be discussed further below.

Max’s Journey: Confronting the Challenges of Lipomastia

Unveiling Max’s Dilemma: Male Breasts and Lipomastia

Max (of course, that’s not his real name) is a man in his mid-40s, tall, with broad shoulders, impressive arms, and a noticeably swollen chest. His issue was already somewhat visible under his T-shirt, but it became clear as soon as he took it off: There was a distinct bulge on both sides of the lower edge of his large pectoral muscles (Musculus pectoralis major).

Palpation Diagnosis: Identifying Lipomastia through Touch

The nipple was easily palpable, but the surrounding tissue was noticeably soft. There was no doubt about it: it was fatty tissue. Max was suffering from lipomastia. Although the excess fat on his chest bothered him, he ruled out liposuction, primarily due to cost reasons. In his opinion, the costs did not justify the results.

Training vs. Lipomastia: The Reality of Targeted Fat Loss

“Sure, I want to get rid of my male breasts. And if I really focus, train hard, and follow a strict diet, the fat will go away,” he said to me. However, he is currently lacking the motivation for that. As an experienced strength athlete, he had no illusions about the prospects of training away lipomastia: “If these fat deposits are supposed to go away, there are only 3 things that help: 1. Diet, 2. Diet, and 3. Diet,” he said, laughing.

Introducing the Fat-Dissolving Injection: A Minimally Invasive Solution

However, he had heard about the fat-dissolving injection and its possibilities. He wanted to know if it could offer him a cost-effective option to get rid of his male breasts. I confirmed this to him. Given the clear presence of lipomastia, injection lipolysis (the correct medical term for the fat-dissolving injection) could be beneficial in this case. Moreover, the two fat deposits on his chest were not particularly large or widespread. I estimated that it would require 2 injections per side per session, and probably a total of 3 sessions.

The Power of Affordability: Lipomastia Treatment on a Budget

The cost I quoted him for the entire lipomastia treatment amounted to around 2,400 euros, spread over 6 months (the treatment is performed at 8-week intervals). Max found this acceptable. With costs at this level, the treatment for his lipomastia would be significantly lower than that of liposuction. As for the first treatment session, the video shows the preparation and administration of the injections. Primarily, a 5-headed syringe attachment with 5 30G needles was used, allowing the active substance to be quickly injected into the entire fatty tissue. In some areas, I additionally injected using a single needle.

Video: Lipolysis for Lipomastia Treatment


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The video depicts the entire process of the first treatment session. It shows the preparation and administration of the injections. Primarily, a five-headed syringe attachment was used, allowing the active substance to be quickly injected into the entire fatty tissue. In some areas, I additionally injected using a single needle. To alleviate pain, the area was previously numbed with surface application of lidocaine cream.

After the 1st Treatment

Max reportedly tolerated the first treatment well. Prior to the procedure, he was superficially numbed with a mixture of lidocaine cream. I allowed the numbing cream to take effect by covering the treated area with kitchen foil.

Administering the Fat Dissolving Injection

After a 20-minute waiting period, I proceeded with the injections. According to Max, he experienced no pain during the injections. Instead, shortly after the treatment, he began to feel the typical burning sensation associated with injection lipolysis, along with significant swelling and bruising in the treated areas.

Visible Side Effects: Bruising and Swelling After the Treatment

The next day, Max sent me two photos. The bruises caused by the 20 injections on each side are clearly visible. The redness and swelling are also prominent, a condition that typically lasts for 3–6 days based on experience.

Treatment of male breast (lipomastia) with the fat away injection
The treated chest one day after treatment.

I had advised Max not to engage in any physical exercise for the next 2-3 days. Of course, he didn’t follow that advice.

He mentioned that his chest was extremely sensitive. He was able to perform bench presses with weights without any issues, but he had to stop jogging on the treadmill after 10 minutes.

Adherence to Post-Treatment Guidelines: Max’s Approach to Physical Activity

The friction of his chest against the shirt became very uncomfortable, according to Max. Instead, he switched to the elliptical trainer and spent 45 minutes there without any discomfort.

Treatment of male breast (lipomastia) with the fat away injection
Shortly after the treatment, the chest is very sensitive.

If you’re reading this, then you shouldn’t take Max as an example. The areas treated with the fat-dissolving injection can be very sensitive for several days after the treatment, which can affect your well-being and performance. It’s better to avoid sports and intense activities during this time.

The 2nd treatment

Second Treatment: Max Returns for Lipomastia (Male Breast) Treatment

In late September, slightly later than planned, Max came to my practice for his second lipomastia treatment (male breasts).

Visible Progress: Max’s Weight Loss Journey and Smaller Male Breasts

Since the first session, he had visibly slimmed down. I estimate he has lost around 4–5 kilograms. “Making room for Oktoberfest,” he laughed. Even his male breasts appeared smaller to me compared to last time. I took out the measuring tape and checked the circumference. About 1 centimeter less. That was remarkable.

Assessing the Outcome: Analyzing the Impact of the Initial Treatment

The success of our first treatment? That would be nice, but I’m rather skeptical. Most likely, Max’s overall weight loss contributed more to the changes. I have enough experience with injection lipolysis from numerous treatments to form an opinion about the expected results after the initial treatment. A reduction of this magnitude after the first session is unlikely.

Lipomastia Munich LIPS and SKIN
Before the 2nd treatment: 1 cm smaller chest circumference with about 4 kg general weight loss.

Max’s Body Benefiting from Weight Loss: Enhanced Response in the Chest Area

Max’s body simply relied more on the fat deposits in the chest area during his weight loss journey. Our treatment with the fat-dissolving injection had a significant “boost.” Nonetheless, this created a favorable starting point for the subsequent treatment.

Lipomastia treatment with fat dissolving injection
Treatment protocol of 2nd session: 20ml of fat dissolving agent on each side

Psychological Impact: Max’s Motivation for Dietary Changes

During our conversation, Max emphasized the psychological aspect of the treatment, which may have played a role. “After the first treatment, it was easier for me to pay attention to my diet than usual. I thought to myself, if I’m investing in the fat-dissolving injection for my male breasts, I don’t want to diminish its effectiveness by continuing to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. On the contrary, I wanted to support the treatment’s effects by consciously avoiding sweets and consuming fewer calories in the evenings after my workouts.”

Consistency in Treatment Approach: Replicating the Protocol in the Second Session

During the second treatment session, I followed the exact protocol from the initial treatment: administering two vials of the active substance on each side. The subsequent treatment was scheduled again at an interval of 8–12 weeks, aiming for December at that time.

However, the third treatment did not take place. Max was pleased with his interim progress, but wanted to shed a few pounds in general and possibly continue treatment after that. So, unfortunately, I can’t document a complete treatment cycle in this post as I had originally planned. However, I hope that the impressions so far will nevertheless give the reader some information about what the fat dissolving injection against male breasts (lipomastia) is capable of and where the limits of the therapy lie.

No 3rd Treatment

Max Opts for Diet Instead of Further Fat-Dissolving Injections

However, the third treatment did not take place. Max was satisfied with his interim progress but expressed a desire to shed a few pounds overall before potentially continuing the treatment. Therefore, I cannot provide a complete documentation of the treatment cycle as originally planned in this post. Nonetheless, I hope that the insights shared thus far will still provide readers with an understanding of the potential benefits of the fat-dissolving injection for addressing male breasts (lipomastia) and the limitations of the therapy.

A Strategic Approach: Diet to Improve the Overall Situation

Max’s decision to focus on a diet rather than seeking further fat-dissolving injections is a commendable choice. Although the diet may not specifically address the remaining fat deposits in the chest area, it can contribute to a more balanced and harmonious physique. By shedding excess weight and enhancing muscle tone through proper nutrition and regular exercise, Max can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

A Comprehensive Solution: Combining Diet and Medical Intervention

If, after completing the diet, Max still finds lingering fat deposits in the chest area that are bothersome, he can revisit the option of utilizing the fat-dissolving injection to target those specific areas. The combination of a successful diet and targeted medical intervention can provide Max with the best possible outcome in his journey to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and achieve his desired results.

Conclusion: Fat Dissolving Injection for Lipomastia Treatment

Effective Solution for Lipomastia

The fat dissolving injection has proven to be an effective solution for addressing lipomastia, also known as adipomastia or commonly as “man boobs” caused by excess fat deposits. This innovative treatment specifically targets localized fat in the chest area, providing a non-surgical option to reduce the size of male breasts and improve overall body contour. Please note, however, that man boobs can also be caused by gynecomastia, typically due to hormonal imbalances. The fat dissolving injection is not a solution for true gynecomastia.

Tailored Treatment Approach

The fat dissolving injection allows for a personalized treatment approach tailored to patients with lipomastia. By carefully assessing the extent and characteristics of excess fat deposits, medical professionals can determine the appropriate dosage and treatment plan. This individualized approach ensures optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Approach for Optimal Results

While the fat dissolving injection can provide remarkable results for lipomastia, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach for long-term success. Combining the treatment with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a balanced diet can help manage overall body weight and optimize the outcome of the procedure.

Consultation with Medical Professionals

Individuals considering the fat dissolving injection for lipomastia treatment should consult experienced medical professionals specializing in this area. These experts can accurately diagnose lipomastia and determine if the treatment is suitable based on the patient’s specific condition and goals. Experienced medical professionals can also assess at what point the treatment with the fat dissolving injection is still worthwhile and when other treatment options, especially liposuction, should be considered.

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