Beautiful at 50 – my portrait in the KIR Munich

KIR Munich Magazine honored me in its summer 2017 issue not only with a comprehensive portrait, but also with the cover.

Beautiful at 50 - My portrait in the KIR Munich

Theme: Beautiful with 50.

Like most women, I don’t like to read my age in anything, especially not on front pages. But in this case, it made sense in terms of content and the interview with KIR was great fun. Because it gave me the opportunity to show how you can be beautiful at 50 without losing your natural look and friendly charisma.

Many women fear that BOTOX, hyaluron or other anti-aging measures will lead to a “frozen look” and that rigid facial features will make them anything but “beautiful at 50”. But, of course, this is not so: experienced experts in aesthetic medicine will always keep in mind the naturalness of the result.

As far as I am concerned, and I can claim the attribute “beautiful at 50” for myself, I have to admit that I am blessed with very good genes. My mother, well into her 70s, would have been at least as deserving of being on the cover.

With all that modern anti-aging therapy is capable of nowadays, this aspect should of course not be disregarded. BOTOX and Hyaluron can certainly do their part, but it takes much more to be truly “beautiful at 50”. From the right diet, sufficient sleep, regular exercise and abstinence from all kinds of cellular toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and UV radiation to the genes: Everything plays a role!

In addition to tips on anti-aging in general, the interview with KIR readers also offers a few insights into my private life. And maybe it is an encouragement for one or the other. “Beautiful at 50” is absolutely possible.

Have a good time reading!

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