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Lip augmentation


Lip augmentation


Dr. Eva Maria Strobl
Your expert for lip augmentation

Lippenvergrößerung mit Hyaluron

You want full lips with precise contours? Then Dr. Eva Maria Strobl is the doctor you can trust.

She has years of experience in lip injections with hyaluronic dermafillers.

Injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid achieves subtle changes in lip shape and size. For more volume and precise contours.

Learn all about lip injections at LIPS and SKIN in Munich.

These are the topics:

At a glance

I offer you the following advantages for your lip filler treatment in Munich:

  • Flexible appointments, also bookable online
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge and continuous training
  • Ample time and full attention: from the first consultation on, you will only be looked after by me personally
  • A relaxed and discreet atmosphere
  • Direct accessibility via mobile phone and email in the aftercare
  • Fairly calculated costs for lip filler treatment with top products from JUVEDERM

The treatment takes 30-45 minutes, including time for numbing cream (Lidocain) to take effect.

No, lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid does not cause any downtime.

However, if you plan for a quick appointment in between (e.g. lip injections during the lunch break), remember that short-term redness, swelling and haematomas are possible.

Possible side effects of dermafiller injections are redness, swelling, haematomas and short-term numbness in the lips.

Prices for lip augmentation with hyaluron start at 455 Euro (approximate price including VAT).

The approximate price is based on 1ml hyaluron of premium product JUVEDERM VOLBELLA, which I use almost exclusively for lip injections.

Further guiding prices for lip correction are at the end of this page. The concrete billing of the services is according to GOÄ (German code of fees for doctors).

With the top product JUVEDERM VOLBELLA, which I regularly use for lip injections, the effect lasts especially long, namely at least 6-9 months, oftentimes even 9-12 months.

Naturally beautiful, sensual lips

Beautiful lips: Symbol of Sensuality

Well-formed, beautiful lips have always been a symbol of sensuality and, for women, an important expression of femininity.

Full, symmetrical lips with healthy colouring represent the ideal state. They promote a youthful appearance and look likeable.

Narrow lips often look old and sad.

When the lips lose volume with age, appearing flaccid and thin, this is often perceived as a blemish.

Narrow lips, possibly flanked by drooping corners of the mouth, also appear serious and sad.

In trend: lip augmentation with hyaluron

With the advent of simple, uncomplicated treatment methods, such as lip injection with hyaluron, more and more patients are therefore opting for lip augmentation.

In my practice for minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, lip injections are now one of the most common treatments.

Lip correction without surgery

As the treatment is only carried out under local anaesthesia, you have the possibility to have your lips injected according to your exact desires.

You can check the progress of the treatment at any time and let your wishes flow into it.

VOLBELLA for long-lasting results

As filling substance I use exclusively the product JUVEDERM VOLBELLA for lip augmentation.

Its high reliability, clinically proven safety and above all its particularly long-lasting effect makes lip correction in my practice a low-risk procedure with convincing results

Video: Lip augmentation with Hyaluron

The detailed patient interview is followed by photo documentation and cleaning. Then the lips are anaesthetized with lidocaine. After a short application time of approx. 15 minutes, the hyaluron is injected. The injections are followed by a light lip massage in order to better distribute the hyaluron and to prevent the formation of lumps as far as possible.

Including patient consultation and preparation approx. 60 minutes. The treatment itself usually takes a maximum of 20 minutes.

Yes, you will be immediately presentable again. Redness at the injection sites usually disappears within 1 hour. Your lips will only swell slightly in the next 24-48 hours.

The final costs are determined by the GOÄ (German code of fees for doctors). An approximate guiding price for augmenting lips with Juvéderm VOLBELLA is 455€, with Juvéderm Ultra approximately 350€.

More than extra volume

Variety of lip corrections

The possibilities of hyaluron injections are manifold in the field of lip modelling. It is possible to correct much more than just lip volume.

In addition, I also use it to correct wrinkles in the mouth area (smoker lines) and to precisely balance out asymmetries in the mouth region.

In detail I carry out the following lip treatments in my practice:

The classic of lip injections and in my practice in Munich certainly the most frequently requested.

Lip injections with hyaluron for more volume. For all those who would like their lips to be more voluminous.

No matter whether they have always been narrow by nature, or whether they have only become thinner with age.

Vertical wrinkles (also called barcode or smoker lines) in the lip area are a sign of increasing age.

They make the lips appear thinner and older than they possibly are. Smokers are usually more severely affected by these wrinkles, which is why they are also called smoker lines.

Hyaluron injections are a good choice here and provide convincing results.

When the upper and lower lips are not in visually appealing proportion to each other, or when one side of the mouth does not have the same shape or fullness as the other

The hyaluron injection of the upper lip is often requested, but often additional contouring is required to achieve a harmonious overall appearance.

The hyaluron injection of the lips can of course be used for targeted modelling: For example, if you have always wanted a more striking Cupid’s bow or simply want more defined lip edges.

The philtrum, the narrow channel that runs from the nose to the middle of the upper lip, is often overlooked when it comes to the aesthetically perfect design of the mouth area.

The philtrum flattens with age, which leads to the contourlessness of the Cupid’s bow. A small amount of hyaluron into the two tissue columns that form the philtrum, and the Cupid’s bow becomes more prominent again.

In case of dry lips, the injection of low viscosity hyaluron is indicated. This treatment primarily leads to a stronger moistening and is not meant to make lips plumper in the actual sense. The lip volume is not the main focus of this treatment.

Nevertheless, this form of hyaluron injection also achieves a slight volume effect, leading to a very subtle and natural-looking lip enlargement.

Frequently asked questions

In my practice I use only Juvéderm products for lip injections.

Juvéderm VOLBELLA is used for lip injections to increase volume and correct asymmetries.

I also use Juvéderm VOLIFT or Juvéderm VOLITE for hyaluronic underfilling of wrinkles and lines.

For precise lip contour, I use Juvéderm VOLBELLA or VOLITE.

Juvéderm products have impressed me for years with the highest quality and safety standards on the one hand, but also with their excellent material properties on the other.

Juvéderm products are more expensive than products from other manufacturers. This is also reflected in the costs that I calculate for my lip augmentation services.

However, the high quality and long-lasting results more than justify the higher prices, in my opinion.

The result of a lip treatment with hyaluron usually lasts 6-9 months. Juvederm VOLBELLA, which I use in most cases, usually lasts an average of 9-12 months.

The lips are densely nerved and therefore rather sensitive to pain. I therefore always recommend that my patients have a local anaesthetic with lidocaine.

Lidocaine is also contained in the hyaluron products I use in my practice. The majority of my patients describe lip injections as relatively painless under these conditions.

However, and I know this from my own experience, a hyaluron injection can “pinch” the lip a little from time to time during treatment.

A hyaluron injection can generally be dissolved again by means of Hylase.

This enzyme liquefies the hyaluron into an aqueous substance, which is immediately broken down by the body.

Similar to hyaluron itself, hylase is a substance that is naturally found in the human body.

The use of hylase is not entirely unproblematic. Especially pregnant and nursing women should not be treated with it.

This is one of the reasons why I do not treat pregnant and nursing women with hyaluron.

It can happen that the hyaluron does not distribute itself evenly immediately after the lip injection.

This effect is usually only temporary and can be eliminated by gently massaging the lips.

Larger lumps after lip augmentation, which can be felt permanently and may be clearly visible, are a clear treatment error.

The Tyndall effect is a treatment error that results from the injection of too much hyaluron too superficially.

This can result in a bluish, glassy appearance at the treated site.

The lip treatment itself does not cause herpes. However, if you are already a carrier of the herpes virus, the lip injection can trigger an outbreak.

In such cases I recommend taking an oral antiviral before and after the treatment to prevent a herpes outbreak. For example Aciclovir 400mg in the dose recommended by your doctor (usually 3-4 tablets per day for 10 days before and after the treatment).

According to recent data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the outbreak of herpes simplex occurs in about 1.5% of cases, and in herpes zoster the rate is even lower.

The virus reactivates itself mostly in the places where the hyaluron was injected.

The outbreak of the virus is usually observed 24 to 48 hours after the injection.

If outbreaks of herpes occur regularly in patients after a lip injection, I advise against further hyaluronan injections.

There is no clear scientific evidence on this matter.

Hyaluron is a substance which, in contrast to BOTOX for example, occurs naturally in the body. This would suggests that a hyaluron injection should be unproblematic during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, the problem lies elsewhere, namely in lidocaine. This is the local anaesthetic which is contained in many hyaluron products. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not be exposed to it.

Moreover, if something goes wrong with the lip injection, then Hylase would have to be used to dissolve the injected hyaluron. But Hylase is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

For the reasons mentioned above, I do as a matter of principle not perform lip injections on pregnant/nursing women in my practice.

Costs of a lip treatment

Lip treatment aiming for volume usually costs around 455 euros in my practice .

This target price is based on the injection of 1ml Juvéderm VOLBELLA.

Should 2ml VOLBELLA be needed, the approximate price is 680 Euro.

However, it is rare that I use 2ml of hyaluron in one session to treat the lips.

The correction of asymmetries and the accentuation of the lip contour cost about 380 Euro. Injecting lip wrinkles costs about 455 Euro.

For the resolution of undesired hyaluron injections I charge about 115 Euro for 150 units of Hylase, and about 170 Euro for 300 units.

All the above prices are indicative. The individual calculation is made according to the German Code of Fees for Doctors (GOÄ).

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