Why I prefer Microneedling over Laser and Peels in Skin Rejuvenation

Just look at the difference in epidermal damage and wound healing…

LIPS and SKIN Graphik: Wundheilung bei ablativen Verfahren vs Microneedling

Woundhealing in ablative (laser, peeling) vs microneedling. Graphics reproduced with permission of KVM- Der Medizinverlag, Berlin

1st graphic depicts wound healing post ablative treatment, with epidermis seriously damaged/destroyed. Collagen synthesis is induced, but so is fibrosis. Collagen matrix gets partially replaced by parallel collagen fibres, causing the skin to lose elasticity.

2nd graphic depicts wound healing post microneedling with epidermis nearly untouched. Needle punctures close within 24h. Thus no risk of infection and scars. Collagen synthesis is induced in the absence of fibrosis. And: the epidermis becomes thicker in the process.

This should illustrate that the speed of laser or peel (1 session enough) represents only a trade-off between speed and safety, but not an absolute advantage. If time permits and client is ok to have treatment performed in 3-5 consecutive sessions over 6-10 weeks, then I always prefer microneedling.